Online Colleges in Texas

# 7 The University of Texas at San Antonio

Annual tuition : $ 6,678
Average salary : $ 75,500
accreditation : SACS COC
Acceptance level: 76%
Type of school : Nonprofit
Locations : San Antonio

Specifically, the University of Texas at San Antonio offers a fully online bachelor’s degree, a BBA in cybersecurity. Basically, this program has been designated as the Center for Academic Excellence in Information Assurance / Cyber Education. Basically, by the National Security Agency and the Department of National Security.

There are also four different certificates available online. Meanwhile, online students have access to technical support through OITConnect, the university’s IT department. They can also use library resource materials, consulting services and tutoring services.

Specifically, the University of Texas at San Antonio is at the top of this list of the best and cheapest Online Colleges in Texas.

# 8 Angelo State University

Annual tuition : $ 6,756
Average salary : $ 75,300
accreditation : SACS COC
Acceptance Level: 74%
Type of school : Nonprofit
Locations : San angelo

Basically, Angelo State University offers online licensing degrees in three areas. This includes border and home security, intelligence, security studies and analysis and social work. Above all, fifteen master’s degrees are offered in areas ranging from nursing and professional school counseling to business administration and criminal justice.

In addition, online students can access many of the services offered by the University Porter Henderson Library. They can also request assistance and accommodations to the ASU Support Services Program for the Disabled. Online tutoring is also available and is free for all students.

Specifically, Angelo State University is one of the best and cheapest Online Colleges in Texas.

# 9 Texas Women’s University

Annual tuition : $ 7,035
Average salary : $ 75,300
accreditation : SACS COC
Acceptance Level: 86%
Type of school : Nonprofit
Denton locations


Fully online programs are available through Texas Woman University, primarily at the master’s level. There are at least 14 masters programs completely online in areas such as education, nutrition and child development.

Undergraduate students also have some options, although all the degrees offered at this level are undergraduate degrees. This means that it is generally expected that students enrolled in these programs have already obtained a number of credits that will be considered for graduation.

In addition, only junior and senior level classes can be taken online to complete the degree. Meanwhile, programs of this type offered by Texas Woman University include a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. In addition to a degree in dental hygiene and nursing and sociology programs.

Specifically, Texas Woman University is one of the best and cheapest Online Colleges in Texas.


#10  Stephen F. Austin State University 

Annual tuition : $ 7,260
Average salary : $ 77,300
accreditation : SACS COC
Acceptance Level: 62%
Type of school : Nonprofit
Locations : Nacogdoches

Basically, Stephen F Austin State University’s online programs include six undergraduate and postgraduate programs of 14. Applications are accepted continuously, so there is no deadline for applications.

Similarly, online students have access to a variety of support systems, which include career guidance and guidance. In addition to instructional advice, virtual tutoring and services for students with documented disabilities. Technical support is also available.

In addition, most online courses are asynchronous, but students must meet certain deadlines for homework and other activities. Also, online courses require the same level of commitment as courses on campus. And they differ only in that they offer more flexibility and also allow students to work from anywhere with a reliable Internet connection.

Specifically, Stephen F Austin State University is one of the best and cheapest Online Colleges in Texas.

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