Online Colleges in Texas

Online Colleges in Texas

There is a belief that Online Colleges / Universities in Texas are quite expensive and not affordable. First of all, that is a big lie. Here is the truth! Online Colleges are very cheap and affordable. Therefore, welcome to the World Scholarship Forum ranking of the cheapest Online Colleges or colleges in Texas.




More than a third of the University of Texas with an online degree offers a full online bachelor’s degree, master’s degrees, graduate programs. In truth, online education programs in Texas are now the future. Most of the online Texas degree courses and programs at accredited colleges and universities are as credible as their field alternatives. Since they use many of the same curricula and standards.

To help you choose an online program that is right for you, we have created a list of online classified universities in Texas. They are organized in order of quality and affordability, and provide information on start dates, financial aid and transfer credits.

But which online universities in Texas stand out from their peer institutions? Discover below.

A brief description of Online Colleges in Texas

They say that everything is bigger in Texas and that this maximum can be extended to online education . As a result, almost half of the 100 state colleges and universities have established solid programs for distance students. Among these accredited Online Colleges in Texas, we also bring you the “best and cheapest Online Colleges in Texas” of 20.

During the 2017-2018 school year, NCES reported that Texas has 106 public schools, 71 nonprofit schools and 95 for-profit schools. These schools actually include online public schools, online high schools with no tuition fees, online home schools in Texas. In addition to Online Colleges in Texas for college, the best online high schools, free Online Colleges, online public schools in Texas. NCES data shows that more than 1,600,000 students have enrolled in a Texas higher education institution, including Online Colleges in Texas.

We have also made the following available on our site for you; accredited online nursing schools in Dallas, online veterinary schools, online LVN schools, Online Colleges in Texas. In addition to online psychology schools, Online Colleges of ultrasound technicians and online cosmetology schools in Texas. Also, online business schools, online law schools, online graduate schools, Online Colleges in Houston, Texas.

10 cheapest Online Colleges in Texas

#1 University of South Texas

Annual tuition : $ 2,100
Average salary : $ 76,900
accreditation : SACS COC
Type of school : Nonprofit
Locations : McAllen, Weslaco, Rio Grande City

Basically, students can choose to obtain an associate’s or bachelor’s degree online through South Texas College. Associate degrees are available in 20 subjects, such as Education , Psychology , Mathematics, and Sociology .

In addition, four master’s degrees in Computer Science and Information Technology , medical and Health Services Management . As well as Technology Management and Organizational Leadership. Several certificates can also be obtained online.

In addition, online students have access to an educational advisor who can help you choose a course and develop an academic plan. Online tutoring is also offered through video chat at the Centers for College Learning Excellence.

#2. The University of Texas of the Permian Basin.

Annual tuition : $ 5,250
Average salary : $ 76,300
accreditation : SACS COC
Type of school : Nonprofit
Locations : Odessa, TX

Founded only 37 years ago, the University of Texas at Permian Basin is in its infancy compared to many universities. Fortunately, age is only a number 7 and a figure that has barely impeded its success in distance education circles.

UTPB is at the top of this list of the best Online Colleges in Texas. Especially, because of its accessibility and high levels of online enrollment (almost 70% of undergraduate students take all or some of the online courses). But that is not all. In fact, one of its greatest strengths is the title of leader in industrial technology training.

Thanks to the local oil boom, the UTPB has become one of the most prestigious and fastest growing online college in the country.

#3. Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

Annual tuition : $ 5,362
Average salary : $ 75,300
accreditation : SACS COC
Type of school : Nonprofit
Locations : Corpus Christi

Basically, Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi offers online degrees, masters and doctorates in five of its colleges in Texas. In addition, those interested in business can obtain an MBA or BBA with three possible concentrations.

There are also four masters and one degree available in the field of education. In addition to three masters and two doctorates in online nursing schools in Texas. TAMUCC is at the top of this list of the best and cheapest Online Colleges in Texas.

In addition, the university plans to add bachelor’s and master’s degrees to its online platform in the coming years. Likewise, all online students follow an online orientation that lasts approximately one hour. In addition, online students also have access to academic and technical support services.

#4. Tarleton State University

Annual tuition : $ 5,840
Average salary : $ 72,800
accreditation : SACS COC
Type of school : Nonprofit
Locations : Stephenville

Tarleton State University, part of the Texas A&M system, offers online bachelor’s degrees of 9 and online masters of 10. The bachelor’s degrees available include a BBA, a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a BAS in veterinary technology. In addition to the online master’s degrees, they are available in subjects such as English, information systems, criminal justice and quality management and engineering.

Basically, the university requires that undergraduate students have previous experience in college to be admitted. They must have at least 30 transferable credit hours, a grade point average of 2.0 or higher. And a passing grade in the evaluation of the Texas Success Initiative.

Tarleton State University is at the top of this list of the best and cheapest Online Colleges in Texas.

#5. University of Houston-Victoria

Annual tuition : $ 6,012
Average salary : $ 74,900
accreditation : SACS COC
Type of school : Nonprofit
Acceptance Level: 48%
Locations : Victoria

The University of Houston – Victoria provides distance students in detail with its wide variety of online programs. There are 20 online degrees and 15 online degrees that cover the areas of education. As well as Business, Health Sciences, Humanities and Information Technology.

In addition, online tutoring is available in written, statistical and mathematical form. And students generally receive help within two to three business days after submitting a request for information or a document for review.

There are also dedicated online support technicians who help students solve technical problems that may arise with online learning / online learning software. Specifically, the University of Houston – Victoria is at the top of this list of the best and cheapest Online Colleges in Texas.

# 6 University of Houston-Downtown

Annual tuition : $ 6,630
Average salary : $ 75,900
accreditation : SACS COC
Acceptance Level: 83%
Type of school : Nonprofit
Locations : Houston

Specifically, the University of Houston-Downtown offers 15 online and three graduate degrees online at four university colleges. Meanwhile, undergraduate students can obtain a degree in Technical Communication, a BBA in finance and a degree in psychology, among other degrees.

Master’s degrees are also available in nonprofit administration, education and security. Likewise, these online programs have the same content and quality as their versions on campus.

In addition, candidates who have already accumulated at least 15 credit hours with an accredited institution in the region. Basically they are considered transfer students and must have reached a GPA of at least 2.0 to be accepted. Specifically, the University of Houston – Downtown is at the top of this list of the best and cheapest Online Colleges in Texas.

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